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GOOGLEEARTH_IMAGE.JPG North Braddock Lot No. 5

This is the “other” Lot No. 5 at approximately 52 North Braddock Street.

To your left/west is the parking area that comes through from North Washington Street (St. Martin’s Lane).

The dividing line between these two Lot No. 5s would be the line we previously drew on the first visual that appears to be an alley running from West Amherst Street to West Boscawen, north to south, that divided the original laid out lots.

Your Lot 5s were in the development of Old Winchester, 1758 known as the James WOOD Additon.

These lots were, in my opinion, number stupidly!

There are seperate lots each numbered 1 through 26.

In other words, there are 6 Lot Nos. 1; 6 Lot Nos. 2 and so forth with the exception of Lot Nos. 13 & 14 which have 7 each in number.

So, you have to have the street names not just the Lot Nos. to locate your property.

I hope I have not confused you, yet!

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