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1833, A Wedding

I have sent away to the county courthouse in Jefferson County- enclosing a few dollars more- asking for a copy of the marriage record of Jane Carothers and Robert A. Kerlin. Both sides remain vague. Unclear.

But having seen the 1850 Census, which tells us that Henry Kerlin is 12 years old and living in Ohio, and then seeing the papers that say that a few years later- at the age of perhaps 18- he is married, many questions come to mind. Like, how did he and Maggie Carbis meet ? While I think that it has something to do with her father being a steam boat mate, I can’t peg it down. And they married in the Catholic Church. Uh, just who was the Catholic ? Mount Pleasant certainly wasn’t a breeding ground for little Catholics.

Not from what I have read.

The Carbis family is not listed in the census for 1850 , not there, not then. In fact, Maggie’s sister, born in 1851, names her place of birth as Pittsburgh.

And after the 1850 census, the whole Kerlin family disappears from Jefferson Co.,Ohio.

Where did they go ?

Why did Maggie and Henry take off to the Irish part of St. Louis to get married ? And where- oh- where- was their son, Samuel, born ?

I begin to think that the rivers are the clue.

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