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What The….

In an attempt to find Sam Kerlin in the 1860 census, I look once more for Maggie Carbis, for Henry Kerlin. Nada. While the children eat lunch, I decide to look at the census of 1860 once more. One thing I know about the Carbis family is that they usually live next door to each other. Maybe I can find Henry or Maggie somewhere on their street.

And then I look at the Carbis’ neighbors. Oh, look ! A blacksmith lives next door to them, a certain John Joyce. With Margaret, 20, his wife. And a three year old boy named Samuel C….. Could be Carbis, could be Curlin, could be Curtin. And a six year old girl named Rachel Logan, just like Mary Ann Logan Carbis’mother.

What is going on ? I know that Maggie Carbis married Henry Kerlin. Sam Kerlin’s death certificate said that they were his parents and he grows up in the Samuel Carbis home.

Look at the 1860 census again.

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