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In the 1880 census, we can see that Mary Ann has taken the boys out of the city and seems to be trying to establish Samuel ( now a Kerlin) as a farmer.

Burrell Township, Indiana county, PA, June 16th & 17th:

Mary A Carvis ( Carbis), 58 ,W, F, married, Keeping House, born in PA, father born in PA, mother born in Md. ( 1822)
Harry Carbis, W,M, 18, son, single, works on farm, born in PA, father born in England, mother born in PA. ( 1862 )

Samuel Kerlin, W,M, 22, grandson, single, farmer, born in PA, father born in Ohio, mother born in PA. ( 1858)

It is interesting to note that while Samuel Carbis doesn’t seem to be around, Mary Ann does not tick the box for being widowed.

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  1. Scott Cramer Says:

    My great-grandfather’s name was Samuel Carbis. He lived in the New Kensington, PA area and had a daughter named Helen Margaret Carbis. She Married Darrell Cramer in 1938 before moving to South Carolina.

    Unfortunately, all of my grand parents have passed away, but the names and geography in your blog have certainly raised my curiosity. If you are still maintaining this, I would love to talk with you.

  2. sue Says:

    Hi Scott,

    the times really do not mesh, but the area ( PA) does. The Samuel Carbis I mentioned did , it seems, eventually have a son, named Henry J. Carbis. He was in PA, but I really have to look up his children again. I do not think that it was New Kensington ( I have no idea where this is). This family passed down names and Margaret was one of them.

    The last that I saw of a Sameal Carbis, in about this time ( oh, not really) was in Tarrentown., PA.

    So, I can’t look it up now, but important facts are whether or not this family was Catholic. I kid you not.

    It could be from Henry. I do not know if I went so far into Henry’s family.

    Give me some time, but I do not know if I have this. Certainly not down to Cramer. Give me a time frame : how old are you ? How old were you Grandparents, do you have any idea when they were born ?

    *My* Carbis family married very, very young.

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